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Publisher's description

WolfQuest is an immersive, 3D wildlife simulation game that lets players learn about wolf ecology by living the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Park.Designed for players age nine to adult, WolfQuest teaches wolf behavior and ecology through exciting gameplay and intense social interactions.

What's new in version 2.5

1. Winter!
Wolves start preparing for pups before the snows have melted, and now WolfQuest represents this reality. You'll start Slough Creek in March, with late winter snows still covering the ground.
It's not always 75 degrees and sunny in Yellowstone. WolfQuest 2.5 adds snow, rain, thunder and lightning. You'll find that prey scent trails are muffled by rain. Note that weather effects can slow down the game on some computers, so you can always turn them off. Just go to Options: Game Settings and click on the Weather Effects toggle.
3.Changing Time of Day!
Time passes for wolves just as it does for people — but in WolfQuest, you can control it! Press Z to go to sleep, choosing when to wake up: daytime, dusk, midnight, or dawn. (In Multiplayer, Time of Day is set initially by the game host and cannot be changed later.)
4.Rest and Sleep!
Give your wolf a rest by pressing the R key, and R again to lay down. Go to sleep by pressing the Z key — and then decide how long you want to sleep.
5.Phrase Chat!
A new option for multiplayer games, Phrase Chat limits all chat to canned words and phrases. You can construct sentences by selecting them one after another, then click Send. There are over 100 phrases available for safe, fun chatting for players of all ages.

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    Guest Last year

    Hey please tell me how to download this game.

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      Nordine Bjerke 12 months ago

      Dear User!
      Kindly follow the link at the developer's website http://wolfquest.org/downloads.php to fill in the form and download the game.

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    Guest Last year

    How can I get WolfQuest 3.0?
    I need help please!

  • 1
    Guest Last year

    An hour! It took me 3 days. O_O